The simplest way to find emails from
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Leadzilla is a chrome extension that helps you find
30% more emails from your Sales Navigator search in 1-click really fast.
Let’s get real
You purchased LinkedIn Sales Navigator for $99/mo
But you haven't used it well.
Why choose us over
hundreds of other options?
Look, we get it. We’re a team of outbound sales professionals and
we have struggled with getting the best out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator as well
There are tons of Sales Navigator add-ons in the market, but we were still
spending hours finding emails from Sales Navigator and cleaning lists
(💎John -> John, Leadzilla Inc. -> Leadzilla).
Now, we find emails from our Sales Navigator lists just using Leadzilla.
here’s the feature list you
were looking for
Leadzilla extension
Find professional emails of your ideal customers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Export to an Excel Sheet or Hubspot or Salesforce in one-click
Save 6-8 hours every week. No more copy pasting emails into Hubspot/Salesforce or Excel.
Automatically remove emojis and clean data 💎John -> John, Leadzilla Inc. -> Leadzilla
Fetch 100 pages of Sales Navigator results in 1 click (3-4 hours saved/week)

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