More than just accurate,
verified contact data
Leadzilla gives you 95%+ accurate contact data and uses AI to write highly
personalized emails for them. Sit back and enjoy warm leads in your inbox.
Let’s get real
You don’t need contact data.
You need meetings with good fit buyers.
Why choose us over
hundreds of other options?
Look, we get it. We’re a team of outbound sales professionals and
we have struggled with getting meetings as well.
There are tons of contact data tools in the market, but we were still
spending hours and thousands of dollars personalizing emails every
week, but struggling to get meetings.
Now, we get 3-5 highly qualified meetings a week just using Leadzilla
here’s the feature list you
were looking for
Leadzilla prospecting
Convert more prospects into customers with targeted search
on over 20 search filters
Leadzilla extension
Find, target and connect with ideal prospects on LinkedIn
Contact search
200 million+ contacts, 95%+ email accuracy, 100m+
mobile numbers at your disposal.
Built-in real-time email verification
Highly advanced filters: Technographics,
firmographics and our patent-pending Lookalike AI
AI-powered personalization
AI that writes highly personalized icebreaker lines
Patent-pending personality analyzer AI for highly relevant emails
Personalization lines based on 20+ data points from the web

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